The Research and Innovation Center at Ängen in Örebro is a collaboration between Alfred Nobel Science Park, Örebro University, Örebro Municipality and Region Örebro County. At Ängen there is research in sensor technology and intelligent systems. In addition, exposure of products, solutions and systems, tests and visits takes place. Every year, about 1,000 people come to us to discover today’s and tomorrow’s technology for the elderly and disabled in the home environment.

 Via the Ängen-health house and the activities there, it generates a natural proximity to end users. There are also great opportunities for your company to participate in research and development projects.

Do you also want to cooperate with your Company and/or Product?

Participation in a basic level includes:

  • Opportunity to participate in Open Views (2-4 times / year)
  • Exposure of the product / products in the apartment
    (including brief informative text along with logo)
  • Display and demonstration of the product / products in connection with study visits.
    (about 1000 people visit the apartment each year)
  • Access to Ängen’s research and innovation network consisting of researchers, other companies and society actors.
  • Company company name on website,
    Receipt letter (up to 4 times / year)
  • Access to Alfred Nobel Science Park’s service and offer,
     The annual cost of participation in 2018 is 4 500 kr.

 Further activities that the company wishes to participate in is done against quotation based on needs. Examples of complementary activities can be:

  • Possibility to host customer days, own meetings, seminars and workshops – for example, with other companies, researchers and staff.
  • Develop the product in the relevant test environment with input from the user.
  • The company’s product is exhibited at trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, etc.
  • Close to current research with the opportunity to participate in research projects

We look forward to a forthcoming collaboration!
Welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

Helena Stenhem
070-606 50 48